the wendy! january challenge video...

holy crap, this project was really fun and so out of my comfort zone...from creating the dress, to wearing the dress in public, to ice skating, to editing this ridiculous video...it was a riot. and what a way to kick off the year. i know that i never would have done any of these things without being challenged by wendy!

so here is the final video...wendy you inspired this, i hope it makes you laugh! (embrace the ridiculous!)

thanks again heather...and edith piaf!


challenge update...THE WENDY!

what a fun and exhausting day working on the next part of the january challenge from wendy - THE VIDEO SHOOT! luckily, i finished the outfit last night - pictured above pre-spray paint. onto the dress i picked up at the thrift store (which was my base): i added strips of old catalogs in three layers, fabric from a quilting class i took in 2005, seam binding, plastic from tofu containers and some of my own blood since i was kinda hand-sewing blind for the most part. 

thank goodness that the dress still fit when i put it on! and i'm wearing leg warmers that wendy just sent me in the mail...synchronicity. what a challenge this was...totally out of my comfort zone. but oh boy, i learned from this experience that if you want attention all you need to do is wear a costume. really. and that i love to ice skate, especially on warm sunny days! here are some of my favorite outtakes. i plan on having the video edited and up soon. 

free skate rental anyone??

(a HUGE thank you to my friend/videographer heather...i could not have done this without you!!)

a much needed (post) video shoot beer. sigh.


OCCY 2015...january challenge from wendy!

JANUARY! my first challenge is from my friend wendy...pictured above looking all sassy. she lives in philly, has two sweet adventurous boys and gives great hugs. i miss her...obviously.

what a fun challenge - especially since going dancing with wendy is one of my favorite things to do - but i asked her if i could change the dancing to ice dancing (AKA spastic figure skating sara style)...since it's january in minnesota and i need an excuse to go outside. wendy was totally game, so i'm gonna make an ice dancing dress (and maybe headdress) and hit some local lakes. should be interesting. 

i found the base for my recycled dress at a thrift store near my apartment - arc's value village. i'll admit i got it in the children's department, but i liked that it already looked figure skatery!

so far, other than getting the base layer of my dress, i've gathered a bunch of fabric and paper scraps. next step: start making this freaking thing and finding the right song for my spastic moves! yes!

a new year...a whole bunch of challenges!

at the end of 2014, i was feeling pretty stagnant in the creativity department and thought what? what? what? can i do to get out of this rut. then i realized that i'm surrounded by incredibly creative people who can help me figure this out and thus OPERATION CREATIVITY CHALLENGE YO 2015 was born. it's basically 12 different challenges (one per month), all chronicled here - to keep me honest. 

ok, backstory...in november, i sent a letter to a varied group of friends/family (lovely volunteers) asking for help:
1. I am to do one challenge per month - theme/parameters assigned by YOU. 
2. I will chronicle challenge related progress/finished product over the year on my (currently very dormant, but appropriately named) blog: myfantasticdistractions.blogspot.com. If I can remember how to use Blogger. [if you are reading this, i've accomplished that...yay!]

i included a postcard that listed their name and assigned month....the rest was up to them:

Do you want me to create something with the theme of dryer lint? I will attempt to do your theme justice. Do you want me to only use green yarn and lima beans? Will do. Do you want me to write a poem about a cat? I could probably do that. Do you want me to perform a dance about Vladimir Putin at the Mall of America. I’m not sure how excited I will be to do it, but it will be done. You can be as broad or as specific as you want.  

i tried to stress that the things i would be creating could be bad (AKA not good), but the point is that OCCY15 gives us BOTH an opportunity to be creative. it’s a win-win. (see the whole year of returned challenges all taped up on my door in the picture above)

and wow, i got some truly AMAZING challenges...from music to furniture to bike rides...each one so unique and cool! for reals. i think its going to be a fun (and funny) journey, please join me!


rebirth...with a challenge.

so, it's time to bring the blog back to life with a challenge! my personal creativity project challenge, which I have titled "operation creativity challenge yo - 2015!" whew, I just said challenge a lot.

so get ready for a really fun year...chronicled right here. 


time to retire...

it's time to stop blogging...maybe not forever, but for now.
i will still be over on pinterest and tumblr.


winter bleh...

i'm having some serious winter bleh AKA struggling with the cold/dark...and seem to be losing hope that it will ever be warm again. i know it will, but these frigid months are just dragging on and on. since i can't control the weather, i'm trying to think tropical thoughts AND i started my run training again. exercise is a good way to get warm...that and the sauna at the gym. i hope you are staying warm today!


gone fishing...kinda

i'm so busy and headed out of town this weekend...my poor blog is getting the short shrift. please enjoy this iconic image and accept my sincere apologies.


a picture & a poem: mark sanders

The Cranes, Texas January - by Mark Sanders
I call my wife outdoors to have her listen,
to turn her ears upward, beyond the cloud-veiled
sky where the moon dances thin light,
to tell her, “Don’t hear the cars on the freeway—

it’s not the truck-rumble. It is and is not
the sirens.” She stands there, on deck
a rocking boat, wanting to please the captain
who would have her hear the inaudible.
Her eyes, so blue the day sky is envious,
fix blackly on me, her mouth poised on question
like a stone. But, she hears, after all.
                                                           January on the Gulf,

warm wind washing over us,
we stand chilled in the winter of those voices.



ear candy: dr. dog!

i'm missing philly this week...so west philadelphia's own dr. dog seem to be the balm i need, which is good since the "random" function in my itunes plays them a lot. they are kinda awesome, so these black and white diamond slice earrings by lexluxe seem appropriately equally cool.


a picture & a poem: carlo betocchi

Summer by Carlo Betocchi
And it grows, the vain
even for us with our
bright green sins:

behold the dry guest,
the wind,
as it stirs up quarrels
among magnolia boughs

and plays its serene
tune on
the prows of all the leaves—
and then is gone,

leaving the leaves
still there,
the tree still green, but breaking
the heart of the air.
poem source


inspiration...blake cody rogers!

painter blake cody rogers creates pieces of art that evoke summer heat and vivid energy...to me at least. so beautiful! i love the pinks and i'm not usually a pink person.